• kris
    August 5th

    Had some time to kill today around lunch and remember that Eddie had something else awesome I had wanted to shoot. After a quick text I was able to link up with him before he headed into work…ironically cookin’ it up at a restaurant. His Superb Sprint is something to behold from the MACK hubs to the matching Wound Up post and fork. Click through for a bunch more…then go get your dinner time on.


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    April 11th

    Jball just made the switch to microdrive recently on his Bombtrack Divide. With that he threw on some fresh paint and took it out for some photos. Looks fucking dialed and makes me miss my 700c days. Peep the whole bike check here



    March 25th

    Darrin’s had this ride for some time now and I’ve drooled over for almost as long. Be it how rarely you see one or features like that headtube bridge there’s just something about Orbea builds you have to like. His has a bit of a story along with a nice cache of parts to keep it dialed in. Those Reynolds’ carbon clinchers are too damn sweet. Click through for a little gallery…


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    March 11th

    It’s been some time since I’ve had a track bike built up proper with some nice parts. Late last year I got to talking with Vinny at Unknown and had this SL1 build in process. Months later after gathering parts to keep it legit it’s finally dialed in. Got some sweet deals on the 75’s, wheel build and other parts thanks to Robbie at Pedal Hard. Definitely rides like a dream and is now the go to for those long rides and  busy days at work. Full gallery after the jump!

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    July 15th

    Digging the content from Ratpack as of late. Good edits and stuff like this bike check to keep things interesting. Park looks fun too.



    May 22nd

    Glad to be seeing some more bike checks hitting the web lately like this one of Payton Schwarz and his Nem Pro. Looks like he’s filming a little welcome edit now so be on the lookout for that. Payton supports the site so you know I’m down to share this. Stoked for more from him and the Wellgreased dudes.


    May 21st

    Was going through some old videos I never uploaded and found this. When you head out to film a lot you can’t help but run into some interesting people. This is the homie Mike. He’s going to be famous one day.




    May 16th

    Was super busy at Ride + Style this year but was hoping to bring back some decent content and start a new series of bike checks. Miles was “away” from the game for a minute but he’s definitely back on it with his new SKYLMT build. Bike looks sick and it’s built up proper (you’ll have to take his word for it considering how dark this is). The result of a few beers and a late night at The Island but peep his whip and what he has to say anyhow…things is tits. More of these on the wayyy.


    May 2nd

    I posted up a few camera shots of my new Concept Assassin last week until I get could it dialed to shoot some real flicks. Rolled by Pedal Hard a couple days ago to swap my pedals out to finish the build. Took the opportunity to shoot some fun photos of my bike in front of the neighboring corner store’s neon lights and signs. This is first time I’ve put straps on one of my trick bikes in yearsss but thanks to Zontrac I get the opportunity to see what’s good. I’ve pulled the right strap off to see how I like running just one. Still have to get used to it before I decide how I feel on being strapped in but I will say these Zontrac straps are damn comfy. As for the frameset I couldn’t be happier so far. Concept came with something solid (heat treated 4130) and the geo is real nice for throwing the bike around. Peep a pretty good sized gallery after the click and see more on the Concept goodies here!


    – Frame: Concept Assassin
    – Fork: Concept
    – Wheels: Eighthinch Bueller
    – Drivetrain: Eighthinch Freestyle Cranks/Chain/48 Splined Sprocket (33×12 gearing)
    – Tires: Resist (front) and Maxxis DTH (rear)
    – Bars: LDG Double Gusset
    – Stem: Eighthinch Freestyle
    – Headset: SADIO
    – Seat/Seatpost: Spike/Shadow Conspiracy Pivotal
    – Seat Clamp: Concept
    – Pedals/Straps: Odyssey/Zontrac Powerstraps 2.0 

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    April 24th

    So… I’m going to start doing a few bike checks, for shits, out here in Colorado. There’s a few nice one’s lurking around so we’ll see how it goes. To kick off the bike checking, I bring you my daily ride. I’ve had this guy for about ten months now and have been putting down around two hundred miles a week since I pieced it together out of a QBP catalog. All City promised they would fit 32c cross tires and they did not disappoint. A friend I work with bought a 56cm and had complained about toe overlap so I bumped up to the larger fitting 58cm (hence the shorty stem) and guess what… no overlap bitches. This bike lives for the days that others are hung up due to inclement weather. Go on, eat your heart out.

    All City Big Block
    Miche Pistard Wheelset
    Omnium Cranks
    Dura Ace 49t chainring
    EAI Superstar 15t cog
    Izumi V Chain
    Thomson Seatpost and Stem
    3T ergonova bars
    Ritchey Pro Stream Saddle
    Chris King Headset and Bottom Bracket
    Kenda Small Block Eight 32c tires