• kris
    June 17th

    Bike Minimalism has been upping their media game pretty consistently lately. This well done piece on the Swrve Milwaukee ES jacket they got to review over the winter months is pretty spot on. A guy named Miska, riding a Milwaukee Mishka Bruiser testing the Milwaukee hoodie. Can’t get much more perfect than that.



    March 26th

    Tonic Fab makes some super rad bikes if you didn’t already know. Now we get a look into building one up with Bike Minimalism at their local bike shop Shock Therapy. That green is so purdy on there and looks good with a solid black parts list to accent it. This thing rides real nice I’m sure. Hit up Bike Minimalism for more good like this.


    January 4th

    Bike Minimalism has been popping up quite a bit lately and this time with KRNKY. Videos like this are way. The voiceover on this sets the mood and gives the whole thing an eerie feel. There’s less and less artsy track bike videos these days so this is refreshing to see.

    March 12th

    Here’s a super cool piece from Bikeminimalism. A seriously well shot and edited video about getting out on your bike regardless of what the weather brings you. The voiceover is really cool and well written as well. Even though we don’t get snow here in Sacramento some of us ride all year round…just love being on the bike!