• kris
    June 2nd

    As competition has gotten more serious so polo bikes have evolved into something far different than the track bikes with drops seen early on. Short court bike polo has led to a demand for more control, stronger parts and a generally more maneuverable rides. From custom disk brake forks to tighter geometries the bike polo bike of today is in a class all its own. Taking a closer look at Will’s ride on a recent night out here in Sacramento I had to grab a few photos of this beast. Made here in California by Jai of Done Deal this is easily one of the best bikes I’ve seen on the court!



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    February 8th

    Twin Cities bike polo showing us why hitting a littke ball around is so damn fun. A tribute to a rad NHL GoPro flick with plenty of moves just as smooth to get you in to mood. Pissing down rain here in the capitol city so I’m off to find some cover and swing the mallet!


    October 14th

    Bike polo is one of those cycling things that never really seems to get old for me. Maybe it’s thinking back to playing when I had my first track bike or the fact that whacking a ball after a couple beers is just too damn satisfying. Whatever the reason this piece from Milwaukee Bike Polo pretty  much nails it. Some rad shots on their home court and a bit of dialogue on polo from the teams captain. For more polo hit 321 Polo.


    On a side note Tuesday means polo in Sacramento…think I’ll have to roll out.



    March 26th

    It’s pretty rare that we see some top notch polo flicks but this definitely delivers. All be it a Vitamin Water spot this trip through NYC to the polo courts is chock full of some rad shots and a bit of insight for those not in the know. Polo isn’t dead you just probably haven’t played it in a while!






    January 15th

    bike polo

    Just really like this photo.Hanging out on roofs is always a good time.