• kris
    September 15th

    Sometimes life gets in the way of things and surely that’s how it’s been here as of late. Looking for some motivation to get back into the swing of things, I revisited the photos from the #officialparkragers trip to Yosemite back in May. Rather than sharing all of what I have I’ll be uploading some of my favorites over the next few weeks. Here’s my Tristen and John putting as we put in some miles on the first (and longest) day of the trip!



    August 3rd

    Finally had the chance to pick through the Yosemite trip photos from back in May. Here’s one of John coming up to the top of the most brutal climb of the trip at Old Priest Grade. Planning a series from the three day trip so stay tuned!


    June 3rd

    An awesome one from the Radavist chronicling the adventure of the Mudfoot Fundo One Hundo. The 100 mile trip takes you through all kinds of terrain and just plain looks fun as hell. Definitely going to be keeping my eyes peeled for next weeks installment on the Radavist!



    May 24th

    I had the chance to spend a few days trekking from Sacramento to Yosemite with some cool dudes. 180 miles of awesomeness that will soon be ready to share. It was easily the the most difficult bike adventure I’ve been on and has me itching for more. Some things are in the works…as for now enjoy this woody whip from my dude Tristen a random forest road we spotted!

    October 8th

    All I’ve wanted to do for some time now is a rad bikepacking/multiple day trip like this one here from The Roosters. These dudes buckled down and made the 400+ mile trek from Madrid to Bordeaux in just 4 days. Looks like one hell of a trip with more than enough views to make it worth it. Dig this…