• kris
    September 9th

    A god black and white shot here from Father Tu. Always awesome photos from him and a pretty mixed bag of content. He also just upped a bunch of clean vintage track frames to his flickr so hope over to peep those.



    June 12th

    Been seeing a lot of rad velodrome flicks lately which considering the weather makes a lot of sense. Spotted this one and a couple others on SaMoBiker’s flicky earlier today. Not the first time I’ve seen nice shots on his stream so worth checking that outtt.


    February 13th

    Thought these were some pretty rad shots. Especially the first one…sunset shot like that would look good on the wall. Stoked for some long track rides with the days getting longer. More stuff like this on Zeit Raphas flickrrr.




    October 11th

    Saw that Rick posted up some new flick to his flicky and got excited. Dig the black and white steez and Mr. Anderson always manages to grab some sick photos. Finn here with a cool footplanter. There’s some new artsy and random stuff on his stream so check those too!


    July 17th

    There’s definitely a part of me that will always be into artsy bike shots. For those of us that literally live to ride bikes its always nice to see a photo that can capture the mood just that. Maxwell Arnold got that pretty spot on with this close up of his ride and the Chicago skyline in the background. This could easily be framed and tossed on someones wall.

    January 4th

    I like this. Not really sure why. It just looks cool. Like something you might loop faded in the background of a nice black and white themed cycling website. Hell I don’t know. I just dig it.