• kris
    May 4th

    From unboxing the Blackburn Grid 13 multitool I knew it wouldn’t be leaving my bag. The key here is layout which makes things less clunky and each tool that much easier to use. Toss in a wide selection of wrenches, drivers and the obligatory bottle opener and the Grid is perfect tagging along for the ride. Click through for a closer look and a few words on this little guy…



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    March 29th

    Blackburn is no stranger when it comes to compact bike tooling having been on the scene since 1975. They’re back at it with their small yet powerful Grid 13 Multitool fresh from the factory. Each of the 13 tools take into consideration length, type and placement to be sure you have what you need at max performance for each adventure…more here!



    June 19th

    The Blackburn Rangers have had me much jealous the past few years…and this is why. A great program with a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet good people, learn and adventure like you never have before. Maybe next year!


    January 6th

    The fine people at Blackburn are on the hunt in the third installment of their awesome Rangers ambassador program. Each year they select a handful of adventurers who prefer to see the world in the best way possible, atop two wheels. Perks of being picked? How about a fresh Niner rig ready to roll, the newest from Blackburn, an epic ride along the Great Divide/Pacific Coast Trail and of course the love of the ride! For more info on how to get down hop over to the official Ranger page!


    I was hoping to get on this last year you can bet I’m giving it a go this time around!




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    January 16th

    This is an awesome program from the peeps at Blackburn. If you’re not familiar with the brand they make some of the best lighting options, pumps and other cycling necessities. If you’ve ever wanted the chance to travel on your bike and test out some rad gear this is it. You can find out how to become a Blackburn brand ambassador and the rest of the Ranger details here! Sounds like one heck of an opportunity…I know I’m interested.