• kris
    November 23rd

    America’s massive sale week is upon us and there’s plenty of cycling deals rolling in along with it. The friends at Portland’s Blaq are cutting prices 20% to help you get things dialed in for the holidays. Whether you getting gifts or just need a fresh bag be sure to pop into their flagship store or click over to save a little green!



    July 14th

    BLAQ Bags snagged a good idea with this one bringing the infamous PDX Carpet (RIP) pattern to every ride. They covered everything from hip pouch to pack-it-all Kagero in the iconic colors and need your help bringing them to life. Guaranteed forever so you know your investment will live on long after the the teal floor covering has taken off. Pop over to peep the Kickstarter rewards and get your carpet on!



    June 13th

    Stoked to see Blaq still holding it down 7 years later still making some dope bags. Even cooler that they’ve got their own spot up in Portland you can pop into to peep their stuff first hand. Grand opening for that is coming up so head here for more on that!


    November 29th

    Havent seen much from Blaq in a while…until i popped over to Pedal Consumption a few minutes ago. Looks like they have a few new products popping out just in time for the holidays. Two new straps, the K-Rab and a new platform version, and a new hip pouch. The K-rab straps came together with the help of Kareem at Loose Nuts…maybe the name is a play on Kareem’s name? The Mini You hip pouch was worked on with PC which is why it looks a bit like their new pouches. Stuff is looking real good!

    September 7th

    This bag is looking ill!

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