• kris
    March 27th

    Some really good promo work right here for a collabo between Bagaboo and Blind Chic. I’ve posted up some stuff from the Girls at Blind Chic before and really dig what they do. Stuff looks quality always and teaming up with Bagaboo can’t be a bad thing. Peep this bit cruising around Hungary showing off what the two brands have come up with together. Looks solid and will be available at either spot April 15.


    June 21st

    I’ve been following the Blind Chic brand for a bit now and have posted about it a few times on here. I really like what they’re about and they seem to love cycling. Looks like they’ve planned a nice bike trip from Prague to Berlin and are going to be documenting it a bit for us. Check the intro video and description below…bet it’ll be a damn good time!

    Prague – Berlin introduction from Neza Peterca on Vimeo.

    “Since our March Berlin visit, we got obsessed about the German capital and its colorful culture not lastly mention the huge bicycle community. We got to know some really nice people there, and since then, we have been thinking about taking the challenge and riding on fixed gear from Budapest to Berlin.

    What life offered us, is unfortunately limited time of one week, that’s why we decided to cut down the way a bit and speed up.

    The route is:
    2.-5th July Prague-Berlin
    150km per day
    All together: 450km
    Average speed: depends on the wind

    Base crew:
    The Blind Chic. (Juli&Neža)
    – Manna, our friend who last year in Warsaw ECMC won a goldsprint championship. This year she is going to Chicago with her fellow mate Levente Porcsin (also goldsprint winner) for WCMC. We would like to dedicate this trip to support them in soul. If you agree with us, either join us on the trip or support them on their fundraising page: goldsprint.hu/

    Follow the project on our facebook page: facebook.com/pages/Blind-Chic/173919216036580″

    April 20th

    I’ve posted some Blind Chic stuff before because…well they make some damn fine bags and accessories. Here’s a cool little ride with Blind Chic, Mush and Sapele. Man those wood rims are looking real purdy like. So clean!