• kris
    June 25th

    Yeah Sam! I’m always juiced when Sam drops some new stuff for us to feast our eyes one. Always coming with that creative style and sick use of spots. Every time I’ve run into Mr. Hanson ince meeting him in Baltimore a couple summers ago he is nothing but positive and stoked on riding. It shows. Dig this one a lot dude! Hold Fast reppin hard.

    September 28th

    Some fun creative stuff here from Colin Foster and Bmore Fixed. Definitely into this kind of riding. Sick!

    March 10th

    John got this up today and Im digging it for sure. Lots of good stuff in here so take a peep…handrail ender is way good. Bmore staying on their game!

    April 20th

    I finally took a look at the Bmore fixed set that John posted about yesterday. Some stellar flicks in there. The first one below is probably my favorite…look at that hand placement!

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    March 23rd

    Nate with some grindage. Rolled over from kteket’s flickr. Follow the Bmore crew on their bloggy.