• kris
    January 22nd

    Here’s a little preview from Cinelli of the book Rizzoli put out for ’em in the fall. These shots make cycling seem so cool haha. Peep it and swoop the book because it’s gotta be good. It’s Cinelli.


    May 9th

    The I Love My Bike Book is out on its way to people’s doorsteps as we speak! To celebrate Marc Jacobs is hosting a release party out in Tea Town. I’d be there is if could but I cant so buying a book is second best. Hopefully a lot of sac heads made it into the book!

    April 22nd

    Just got an email with this snazzy bits from I Love My Bike Book and Chris Piascik! Theyres only going to be a small run so pre-order them here before theyre gone…

    April 7th

    I meant to post this up when it was winding its way through the interwebs yesterday but alas i was too strung on school business. Now if i were Bike Snob this likely wouldnt have stood in my way. If youve ever read through one of his lengthy posts you can tell that he puts the time in. Hell, you could not be interested in bikes what so ever and probably fine something humorous in his sarcastic, tongue in cheek approach to much of the happenings in the cycling world. This is likely to be a definite must read and you can bet ill be gunning for a copy.

    Rolled over from Tracko…photo from Richard Masoner.

    February 8th


    If you’re on the northeast male sure you get to this! Matt and Brittain have a cool project going…be a part of it if you can…and check ilovemybikebook.