• kris
    January 19th


    January 6th

    Pretty excited to be a part of this! Sounds like a great project thats going to produce a stellar photo book. All things “bike lover” related…shops, bloggers, riders….the works. Ill keep yall updated as i get info! Get them at their email or peep the facebook for info.


    January 5th

    Not really sure what this is about (trust me I have looked everywhere!), but I do want to see more info. The video says it is by Phil Legit, a pro cycling TV commentator. But to me it looks that the Landlords Cycling Club has more to do with this then anyone. Some proof that was posted back in February 2009. thedustward.com/blog/?p=140

    They do have a site landlordscycling.com it has changed like 3 times in the last 20 minuets. Maybe they are updating keep checking at let us know if you find anything!

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    October 30th

    The Mike Giant illustrated Cinelli catalogs are shipping out. We should have some real soon and will post some pictures up. Mike Giant and in the owner of Rebel 8 a clothing brand based in San Francisco.

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    August 13th

    Believe i posted this a while back…but its this weekend. This thing is looking to be HUGE!

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