• kris
    May 7th

    When Boothby asked about premiereing a video on the site I had not idea what to expect just that it would rule. A few days later and he’s ready to share this gem promoting his new branding “Boothby FGFS”. He’s been hard at work establishing a direction and putting together dope clips like these. Good beginning to end…but what we’re really here for is that flair. So damn sick. Be looking for more from Josh here real soon!



    November 13th

    For the pro event Sunday I planned on getting a bunch of photo/video to toss on here but I ended up judging instead. Had a damn good time cheering the dudes on and seeing what they had for us. I was able to get a few photos from the Judges spot above the quarters that are going up here. Also going to be getting a video up of the best trick jam that went down after…I was down on the ground for that haha. Click through for all of what I got.

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    April 10th

    To this day this is still one of my favorite tricks. Boothby making it looks real steezy for Matt. Those sun spots make this flick pretty damn epic. So dope guys!

    December 12th

    Chris posted this up over the weekend. I watched it a few times and was too stoked to post it I really just forgot haha. Dig this for sure.

    January 31st

    Matt just posted the first edit from his series documenting the SE road trip in Arizona. He followed Boothby, Gus, DJ, Marwin and Dave Beard around with his cameras making sure we see it all. Stay on him for another 4 edits this week and a recap on monday. Looks like a solid time!