• kris
    January 9th

    Pretty stoked on this bit that Burd just sent me! If you don’t know who Burd is or know whats up with trackstands you need to watch this. He’s probably THE dude when it comes to balancing on bikes. This is a fresh cool idea here with the green screen too. Bootleg Sessions represent nah meannn.

    March 30th

    Burd will always be one of the best in my book. Track stand variations like nobadys business. Its his business. Check him in this new Chrome jam.

    September 14th

    Im stoked that Burd is still uploading videos post Bootleg Sessions. He’s always been on top of the trackstand variations…i damn well hope he keeps doing them too. If youve tried this before you know its actually pretty hard to do. Pretty slick. If you dont have Bootleg 4 buy it!

    July 2nd

    If you want to check out how far this whole fixed freestyle thing has come in the past few years…Bootleg Sessions 2 has been uploaded to the interwebs. I put a few of the sections down yonder with the rest on up on their Youtube. Check it, reminisce and kill some time this weekend.

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    May 25th

    Burd just sent this over…the last Bootleg Sessions trailer ever. Make sure to pick up your copy! I heard theres some real sold bits in in not to mention its like a piece of history. Cant wait for mine to get here!

    Bootleg Sessions v.4 – The Last Trailer from Ride/Relax Productions on Vimeo.

    May 22nd

    Im thinking mine might have gotten lost somewhere in the mail…ill have to jump on a copy of this. Ive heard from a few people that peeped it that theres some quality hit in this beast. Get it from the source!

    April 22nd

    Burd just sent this beauty over…the Last Leg is on its way. Bummed that we didnt get anything together to send anything for this! Looking to be finishing up proper for sure though. I feel like the series has defined fixed freestyle in a way for quite some time. Whether you own the videos or not…youve most certainly seen the trailers, watched them with friends or at least heard of Bootleg Sessions. Ill definitely be missing it! Show some love for Bootleg by buying getting your pre-order in!