• kris
    September 12th

    Brain has been on a little search as of late for some special things. He came across an availability of some purdy vintage parts and has begun making them available to everyone. There’s some good stuff in there already like the Campy cranks and NOS Dura Ace bb and be on the lookout for stuff periodically. Especially if you’re looking for something rare or vintage for the track!

    December 7th

    I have never really been a fan on the threadless bottom brake, it just seems that no one has made a quality one. They are also good if you have stripped out your BB threads.

    Unlike previous attempts at threadless BBs, this new design is “internally expanding”. As the adjustable cup is tightened the silver sleeve (see photo) is pushed up the tapered alloy cups, expanding and locking in the BB. This differs from older designs, like the Mavic, that pressed in from the outside and would sometimes slip. Installation requires only a traditional-style BB spanner or a pin wrench. The BB shell does not require chamfering or facing, simply slip the BB into the shell and tighten.

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