• kris
    March 20th

    I went into First Edition a couple days ago to see what new threads may have come in for spring so far. Not surprisingly Aaron has been on top of it bringing in all kinds of fresh stuff and even a new brand or two. Here’s a few of the things he’s posted on his blog so far…I’ll head in later in the week and snap some photos of the stuff I’m eyeballing right now. So much dope stuff in there so stay tuned!

    This Charile Noble stuff is so good:

    A couple new Upper jams:

    February 18th

    While i was on my little vacation this past weekend to disneyland i ran by LA Brakeless to check it out and ride for a few. The shop is pretty killer and the dudes who work there are way cool…

    Theyre well stocked on just about everything you could think of…completes, frames, cranks, wheels, shirts, bags, seats, pedals, lights, some couches and tvs, and even glass windows. Really though, they have more than enough of anything you would need for your bike plus a couple nice vintage/limited gems spread about. The shop setup is clean with plenty of room to move about, nice displays and well organized…very similar to the sick setup our buddys have going over at iMiNUSD. If youre in the area id definitely have to say this is the place to go.


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    January 27th

    Theyve got em…and theyll go fast. Big, beefy and durable. Stocked up on the smaller sizes as well!

    Grab em at iMiNUSD!

    December 26th

    Some good deals at the imd…swoop em!


    November 30th

    November 26th

    Since im in San Jose this week i just might have to stop in for this! Ill be swingin by saturday too…


    November 17th

    This weekend!


    November 16th

    iMiNUSD now carries everything you could want Charge. Buckets, chains, seatposts and Plugs. Ill have to check it out when i swing by the store next week!

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    September 8th

    Pretty nifty guys!