• kris
    November 8th

    This isn’t something I usually do but I came across some cool stuff yesterday going through old folders. Not sure if I ever posted these up but its pretty appropriate considering this did is moving back into town. Brad is a long time friend and for a couple years was a major part of the site. These shots are from 2010 back when a lot of us were making the transition from track bike to things more FGFS. Expect to see more of Brad back on here in the future as today he leaves behind the brotastic mountains of Tahoe and comes back to Sac. First ones a little whip out second is  nose pivot over a hip.


    June 1st

    Finally done with school so that means more time on the bike. Went out yesterday to get fool around…ended up with broken bikes, flat tires, lots of bailing and a solid few hours getting sweaty. Not much to come of it but eh…fun day!

    May 17th

    These were originally for a bike check…but brads bike got snagged frinday night after BFF.

    V2 Scrambler
    S&M Pitchfork
    Eighthinch Proto Cranks
    Eighthinch stem
    Chuckers to formulas
    Shadow seat
    Eastern pedals

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    April 28th

    Not actually something i entirely prefer…nor would have really saved my seat in this situation. Ha. Just a few random bits from the past few days. Fun times.

    April 26th

    Definitely wouldnt mind a new camera after looking at these. Ha. Heres some shots from today before i destroyed my bike. This spot is actually pretty fun and happens to be one block from my house. Eating the leftover pie could prove fatal…

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    November 5th

    Brads frame was sent out a bit back from Noah at Eighthinch…and he’s now had plenty of time to wreak havoc on it. Heres what he ended up with after his “personal touches.”

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    November 3rd

    I had to do a shoot for one of my classes recently with an emphasis on light…this was one of the ones i turned in. B Lay with bike in tow.


    October 6th

    A few from the past few days…most of ’em turned out super noisy or blurry. Oh well. Not resized either…hah.

    Sac Lunch.

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    August 5th

    Well…one picture.