• kris
    March 1st

    What do you do with a cracked frame? Well finish it of course. Ryo and crew take this one to meet its maker and have a good time doing it. I remember when brads fork broke on his fuji and we had a play day with that.

    December 7th

    Sucks! An ad for running BMX cranks on a Bruier ;).


    Broken of Hicchiiiii’s flickr.

    September 16th

    Repping the EighthInch is now “Crazy Brad”!


    Hahaha. Not to be confused with the lovely gentlemen who assits with bringing you…well US.

    Destructoooor of this beast (finally…damn) as well as appearing in other random media bits…
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    August 16th

    Havent done this in a while…usually too busy riding to shoot anything. Anywhoooo

    Some from yesterday in SF…


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    July 20th

    So theres been a lot of talk about riding pegs these day…people are all over the place with liking them, hating them or being indifferent to them Truth of the matter is…Our bikes cant take it. They arent meant them. Steps are necessary if people want to go this route.

    Personally im indifferent to them…i support all kinds of bike riding particularly the different ways in which people are pushing their fixed machines. However, i just witnessed something very similar to whats below a couple days ago when brad threw one on his level hub. Luckily the levels are quite different in design resulting in a bent axle bolt rather than a broken axle…video of this eventually.

    Anywho, some other destruction.

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    July 9th

    at least for me. Riding tonight. Seat post snaps coming down from a trick. Caught me 100% by surprise. Broke a chain as well…still a great day!

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