• kris
    December 5th

    Kriss Kyle is easily my favorite dude to watch shred a 20″. So much style and creativity in everything he rolls away from. Fun stuff from Arizona right here. From the beast footplant 180 out of the gate to the crazy linked lines. Fire the whole way though.



    May 7th

    I can’t really miss new stuff from BSD…it’s all just too sick. Some pretty damn good stuff in this like that rail sculpture thing at 2:09 and the last line that’s pretty wild. Watching  Reed’s reactions to landing some of these clips just makes you think he’s stoked to be pulling shit. Dig it.



    April 3rd

    360 double peg nose manual. Just one of the MANY good clips in this park section from BSD‘s “Any Which Way” that I posted about yesterday. Take some solid street riders and throw them into a park like this and you’re bound to get some wild combos. Some of the shit in this is just nutty and all of it is smooth as eggs. Definitely worth the peep.


    April 2nd

    This week started sort of off with a monday holiday for me so why not do some BMX stuff for the morning. BSD started upping their Any Which Way DVD to vimeo and holy shit is it something to watch. I’ve posted all the bits they upped below…good way to get the real week going. Dig that Cali one the most!




    March 20th

    Definitely needed some good BMX shit this morning to get the day moving and thie BSD joint is perfect. I had no idea Israel has so many sick spots to ride. The fam has a spot out there I might have to trekk to so I can ride some of this. Kriss Kyle is a beast…check that wheelie treeride 360 smith bit in the intro. BSD always brings the good.


    February 14th

    BSD stuff is always good so you know this promo  for Tony Malouf’s signature frame is solid. Acid drop gaps into double tires and that roof gap ender was too sick.