• kris
    January 9th

    In case you didn’t know already…the dudes at Burro can stitch together just about anything you can dream up. No matter how small or rather how big in this case. Check this custom rolltop put together for Adam with enough space to possibly stuff a bike into. Thing is massive. If you’re trying to get something made up for yourself hit the Burro custom page. Sure it feels good to carry your stuff in something you helped design.

    December 21st

    Stoked to see two rad companies teaming up on this one right here. I thought that maybe I missed this but it looks like these just went up yesterday. Burro with the handmade quality and Slurp with the style. Get all that random stuff out of your pocket and into your bright ass wallet. I’m actually about ready for a new wallet. This might be necessary. Buy ’em here…cause you know…that holiday 2012 just dropped today!


    December 3rd

    Looks like Zane just made this Burro commercial for CFTY public. If you’ve seen the video you’ve seen this…check it anyway. Some pretty solid branding with the good vibes and familiar faces in the mix.


    November 16th

    Here’s something I’ve never seen done by anyone before! One of the better ideas for hip accessories I’ve seen for some time is this fully adjustable u lock holster from Burro. I have a hip pouch that double as a lock holder and though I love the little guy it is a pain to have to take off my belt to put it on or take it off. This takes care of not just that but that fact that all locks are not made equal. This little guy adjusts for all situations so you can easily simplify what you’re carrying yet easily take your best friend along with you. Dig it. Swoop here.

    November 14th

    Some of yall out there might be at this point in your life. A diaper bag is definitely something you don’t want to be caught rocking through traffic ha. Burro is taking care of you and your little monsters with these custom bags so you can look stylish and keep the kids clean.

    August 3rd

    Meant to get this one up for the Burro dudes yesterday. Coming through with a nice take on the under the saddle bags. Looks like you can fit a decent amount of stuff into this guy…including a 12oz brew for that mid ride stop. I like that this can be strung around your wait to be used as a hip pouch as well. Check out more flicks and pick up a Grenadier right here!

    March 9th

    Naturally I had to migrate over to Burro once I got to NAHBS this year. Being that they were the only “fixed freestyle” associated brand there for the most part I needed to see what their setup looked like. There was a nice collection of their bags and straps on display in once of the coolest little layouts. Seriously some of the closest attention to detail at the whole show…bones, candles, sacks and crates. It all looked so proper! They had essentially anything you need as far as bags. Hip pouches, messenger bags, backpacks, rucksacks. It was all there for you to drool over. Really might have to nab me one of those beer holsters! Haha. There’s a bunch more flicks below so click through then head to Burro’s spot to grab some gear!

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    February 28th

    Here’s Mike’s official welcome to team Burro Bags. Some real sick stuff in this one dude! That last clip in San Jo had me scared…that drop into the water would be brutal haha. Some dope spots in this too. Would have me out on my bike if the weather wasn’t going to shit!

    April 6th

    Saw these pop up on Monday but totally spaced till i saw them on Zloggy a second ago. Burro posted these fresh flicks by Corinne Stoll of Mike and his custom rolly.Definitely into the colors on the bag and that G.O.A.T. is the business. One more shot on the Burro blog

    November 4th

    Way cool video from Burro showing what goes into those little straps on your pedals. Cant go wrong with Ratatat either! Forgot to post this up yesterday…Zloggy coming through with a little reminder.