• kris
    April 8th

    These kids. Jake and Jeff are getting real good these days. Jeff getting down on his Butcher. I did not authorize the clips of me in this haha.

    November 9th

    Last night about 8 my bike was grabbed from the Taco Bell on Broadway here in Sac. I had it sitting in front of the door a few feet away under one of the security cameras and tuned around from the soda machine to see someone riding off on it. Certainly should have been locked up but being without a lock at the time and having it in such close proximity and in plain site i didnt think someone would be able to grab it while i filled up my drink. Obviously i was wrong :/. I chased the guy a good six blocks before i ran out of breath…it helped that he didnt know what he’d taken and looked like a complete idiot riding it. Anywho, he looked to be a dark skinned man wearing a red jacket and headed into the Midtown area when I lost him. There may be video of him which i will hopefully be able to get but in the mean time this is exactly what my bike looked like. If you see it around or know anything shoot me an email to: kris@lockedcog.com . I will be giving a cash reward for its return! Thanks.