• kris
    May 2nd

    I spent a little bit of time and some deniro this year to get a couple collections of stuff up in the store. The first half of the summer stuff is in the works and will mostly be available at Ride + Style and then online a couple weeks later. Here’s a peek of the buttons that’ll be in the sticker/button packs. More soon…

    April 22nd

    Haven’t had stuff in the store for a minute. These button and sticker packs are up in the store now and just the first of a bunch of stuff on its way in the next month. Lagged a little but ride a lot this weekenddd. The vinyl on the stickers is an assortment of 7 different colors. The buttons are designed to be pinned together or separate. In each pack for $4 you’ll get:

    – (1) LC Skull Button
    – (1) Shred Til Yer Dead button
    – (2) Two small OG Letter stickers (colors assorted)
    – (1) Large OG Letter sticker (colors assorted)

    October 1st

    Sooo if you’ve been around at all today you’ve probably noticed a pretty major change in the site. A lot of new things here already and even more to come within the next week or so. The custom store isn’t quite ready yet but as promised you can grab some lockedcog shwag right now. All that’s in there currently is the new shirts and some buttons but there’s a ton more on the way! Peep that for now and be on the lookout for some more soft goods and a couple collabos here soon. Stoked.


    June 29th

    A few weeks back I found out that local clothing and art spot Dragatomi here in Sac made buttons. I finally went ahead and ordered some to get the ball rolling on all the new gear coming for lockedcog. Picked these bad boys up yesterday less than 48 hours after ordering them and they came out looking sick! I realize they’re just buttons…but I dig me some buttons haha. These will be up in the revamped store as a button/sticker pack so hang tight. In the meantime I’ll be posting up a contest on instagram so yall can snag one and if you see me in person I’ll definitely have them in the my bag.