• kris
    February 20th

    The tooth over king returns in this new one for Capone Bikes. It’s been a minute since a fresh solo bit from Wonka and this one’s definitely got some fire. Some smooth lines and a couple a brutal bails half way through (that loading dock…oof!). Click it and hit Wheel Talk for more good!



    January 31st

    Baby bike are just too much fun not to like. Capone out of China just dropped some photos of their little pursuit that could the Kid Pro. Hit their facebook to see what’s up!


    August 28th

    I haven’t checked out the Chinese FGFS site TheFGCN for a bit. Just spotted these signature Capone freestyle frames on there and am tryinf to track down some more info. Found a couple videos of team riders on Youku (Chinese Youtube) but not much else. From what I can tell they look legit as can be.