• kris
    March 8th

    When you walk into a bike show and you see a DeLorean you’re naturally going to be drawn to it. But when you arrive to see awesome hand built bikes, one adorned with damn Liger!, you aren’t disappointed Mcfly isn’t kicking it at the setup. Sarto definitely had one of the most elaborate and sick displays at NAHBS this year. Definitely some fine craftsmanship from these guys coming all the way from Italy. Check the video below for info on their “super custom” bikes and how they’re made…sick stuff!

    November 21st

    Mike Chacon sent this over earlier today. His Leader Hurricane and him will be there with a little trick demo. Looks like a fun event bringing some bikes and cars together…

    November 1st

    Mike is always doing big things! He has to have some of the best connections in the game right now. From Myspace to Ford he’s getting the fixed thing out there for everyone to see. So sick to see this dude!

    July 14th

    Some real fresh and a bit different from Michael. Chances are you’ve seen some stuff of him and lowriders before…or perhaps have heard of his family being big into it. Annnd if you don’t know who Estevan Oriol is look him up. Chances are you’ve seen his work a few times before but didn’t know it. These to together are sure to get it cracking. Dig it.

    September 7th

    Spotted this bit about an intersting collabo this morning. It seems import performance parts manufacturer GReddy looked to Volume for some help with a piece for GReddy Fest 2 that went down this past weekend. What started as a small run of parts for a custom bike turned into a whole line of machined and anodized pieces. It wasn’t stated that there would be an actual line of fixed part produced by GReddy but that they likely just went above and beyond on the project…though i wouldn’t be surprised.

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