• kris
    March 23rd

    I’ve been rocking an aarn ring for some time now and couldn’t be happier with it. That being said this new black and white camo colorway might just be worth a swapping out. If you’re going for that real “camo” look the colors on these are proper and the craftsmanship is top notch at usual. Swoop one before those quantities start dropping!


    March 14th

    For the last run of these rad chainrings John and AARN went with something a little more wild and equally as awesome. The 144 ring now with a hint of ‘Merica to rep on your ride. Splash looks too killer. Swoop here!



    July 25th

    Factory 5 posted up a sneak peek of their new chainring this morning. Dig the lines on that dual-place lattice on the outer. Not quite ready for release yet but will be 144bcd, full CNC and available in black or raw. Sounds good to me. More on the Factory 5 facebook.


    March 21st

    So this is the bike i bought after getting my tax return instead of picking up a new camera. Looking at how quality these shots are from my phone I’m wondering if that was the right move…a certain someone was pretty convincing though haha. This thing sat at Pedal Hard for months with my name on it waiting for me to pick it up. While it waited I acquired some mice parts to test out have finally been able to give them a go for a bit. I’ll be writing a full “Testing Testing.” reviews on them this week but hopefully with some more detailed shots than what i have below. The Toro leather bar tape, Sofus Francisco straps, Yobi track ring and Selle Royal seat have all peformed great to say the least. I’ve logged at least a couple hundred miles in the past month both on long rides and crusing the streets. I’m loving this bike…but miss having a camera haha.

    Frame/Fork: 80’s Bianchi Pista (not sure on year…I’m sure someone knows!)
    Headset: Itailian made…not sure on branding.
    Bars: Nitto B123
    Bar Tape: Toro Quality Goods leather wrap
    Stem: Nitto Dynamic
    Bottom Bracket: Campagnolo Record
    Cranks: Miche Primato
    Pedals: Eighthinch platforms
    Straps: Sofus Francisco Titan (lockedcog edition)
    Chain Ring: Yobi Sprinter track ring
    Seat: Selle Royal ContourRoyal
    Seat Post: Sugino SP-KC
    Wheels: Eighthinch Julian V2 (the wheels in the photos are a borrowed set but will be replaced this week)

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    April 16th

    Some pretty fresh colors coming out from Yobi on the Sprinter and Steamroller designs. Even though im more of a neutral color person…im liking the looks of that purple and blood orange. More below and on the yobi blog.

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    February 17th

    Pretty creative ad from Yobi…for their new chainrings. Looking pretty solid in the photos below…

    yobi chainring worm love from yobibikeparts on Vimeo.

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    December 5th

    Volume fixed gear sprockets (36, 46 & 48t) These are prototypes so there will still be a couple of changes on it but overall this is what they’ll look like.

    October 16th


    High Polish 612 Track Cranks

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    September 29th