• kris
    June 19th

    Didn’t know this was even coming out until I ran across it at Charge. Looks like they teamed up with Knog for an incarnation of their FGFS Scissor build. Main difference on this is really just decals but the parts on the Scissor are solid for a complete like this. Grab one here or hit either of them for more info and flicks.



    November 26th

    Charge has been laying a little lower than they used to in the world of fixed bikes. This doesn’t mean they aren’t still out there doing uality stuff. This bit riding around Berlin is pretty rad…makes you wish you were cruising the streets too. Good visual and music for sure.

    March 18th

    So sick! Check that head clearance at 0:41. So many good spots in this! Toms a solid rider for sure.

    January 13th

    iMiNUSD just recently got these in…and are already throwing them together for customers!


    The build below is looking beeeeefy…i can dig it.
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    January 5th

    iMiNUSD your local neighborhood track shop, assuming you live in San Jose, will be getting their hands on some of these bad boys…arguably two of the most awaited fixed freestyle frames thus far. Both can be pre-ordered from the shop though the Scissors will be in by thursday!



    December 11th

    Charge Bucket Saddle Pink

    Road.cc did a pretty good review on the Charge Bucket saddle. Head over to Road.cc and read up.

    November 16th

    iMiNUSD now carries everything you could want Charge. Buckets, chains, seatposts and Plugs. Ill have to check it out when i swing by the store next week!

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    October 6th

    September 4th

    Looks like another turbo rip off. That may sound like i don’t like all the turbo rips offs out there, but I do.

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    July 30th

    Traveling with them to Eurobike in September!