• kris
    March 8th

    The homies at Slurp Cult are trying to clear out some inventory to make room for new goods. That means you get a deeeeeep discount on some rad gear. Hit their store to swoop EVERYTHING for 44% off (excluding their dope new raglans with good reason!) with the code “44OZ”. They sold out of everything the last time they did this so get to it quick before its too late to stay frozen.

    Also, be on the lookout for a little something we’re working on together…not sure what itll be just yet but im stoked.



    January 31st

    Fyxation just droppd the price one their fixed freestyle bars from about 60 bones down to 20. The Steely HT is 22.2 clamp bar so chances are theyll fit your freestyle ride. Swoop soon because theyre about sold outtt.

    January 25th

    Figure this is a good thing to keep posting up each week. Some good stuff price cut this week at iMiNUSD. Molars, YNOT straps and IMD kits are all a bit cheaper to save you some green.

    December 13th

    So in case you hadn’t heard the world is coming to end in about a week. That gives you 192 hours to spend all your loot and get out on your bike. Eighthinch has you covered with all you apocalyptic bicycle needs. You can even grab a new complete for a bit of a discount to ride out your last days. Grab some goods here because…well the Mayans were wrong.

    December 3rd

    It’s safe to say that whoever is in charge of media at State has some job security haha. Seems like they’ve been on a roll with well done videos for their rides. Just like this one. The Falcore is one of their newest combos  in an all white. The 12 Days of State is also just about half way over so peep the flier for that below.

    November 21st

    Oh you thought the good deals were all out on the table from the Eighthinch house? No way. Here’s a chance to grab a bunch of parts at a pretty damn good discount. I can definitely see those sprockets selling out quick…CNC 4130 splined sprockets that come in 25t and are under 20 bucks? That’s sounds like more than a mouthful of big bird but all you gotta know is its a good deal. Mines been rollin for daysss! Best hit that store for some goods yall.

    November 19th

    Eighthinch is stepping up the Black Friday deals this week and instead cutting prices from now till NEXT Friday. Thats like 11 days. These are for sure the lowest prices you’ll see on gear from these dudes with complete Scramblers for $299 and Butcher frames at just under two bills. Peep all the deals below then hit their store here.

    June 15th

    This went up as I was posting about the new Eighthinch products earlier but is definitely worth the post. If you pick out a stem, bar and grip combo in the Eighthinch store right now you can save some green and get you whole steering setup on lock.

    March 22nd

    If youre like me you either dont really care about a few scratches or blems on your bike or youre going to blast it with paint to get it just how you want it. Either way you can snag a complete Scrambler build from Eighthinch for $350 or some deal on other parts in their scratch and dent store. Check it!

    September 17th

    They been out of these in the silver color for a bit and just got some back in stock…so why not throw in a free gift to make it sweeter. $99 for a built wheelset, cog, lockring, tubes and tires…pretty insane.If you’re bulding up an extra bike or a ride for someone else grab these here!