• kris
    September 16th

    Looks like Zane is going to be upping some parts from the second Can’t Fool the Youth in preparation for the upcoming third release. Young guns definitely killed it in the last issue with perhaps the best part in the video. These kids are hungry and going for it every time they ride. Peep this and hit Chop Em Down for more.



    June 25th

    Alrighty yall this Can’t Fool The Youth 2 contest has been a couple months in the making and well worth the wait. Teamed up with Zane of Chop ‘Em Down and the dudes at G Pen to give you a chance to score a cache of goods. The new Can’t Fool the Youth 2 DVD, some Micro G Pens and bunch of fresh tees are all up for grabs and all you have to do is follow the instructions below. Shits easy as pie and well worth entering for a chance to score some of this!



    Since the Instagram video still kind of sucks we’re going to keep this one photo only with rules as follows:

    1. Take a screenshot of any part of the Can’t Fool the Youth 2 trailer below.

    2. Post said screenshot on Instagram cropped any way you like.

    3. Come up with funny (or clever) caption for your photo.

    4. FOLLOW and MENTION the fine folks @chopemdownfilms @gpenofficial and @lockedcog in your post with the hashtags #cantfooltheyouth & #gpen

    5. Best photo/caption combo wins!



    That’s it. So simple. Going to run this for a week so 7/2/2013 will be your last chance to enter…but don’t sleep on it because we’ll be giving out some goods along the way!



    May 30th

    If you’ve been patiently waiting for the second installment of Can’t Fool the Youth the release just got a bit better. When the new vid drops June 3rd the first 100 people to order are going to get a hand drawn 22 page zine by the Honduran Hammer himself Gus Molina. If you know his artwork you’ll know its wild and that this is worth the jump. Hit Chop Em Down for more! Also, be on the lookout for a little contest from Zane and I real soon.







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    May 10th

    Every major event of the year I looks forward to some coverage from Matt and the Wheel Talk crew. This year he teamed up with Zane and Omar Sebai to bring us probably the best video from the event. It’s got a bit of everything. Bail reel, a bit of track stuff and a super well edited collection of all the dudes throwing down. Dig the section type editing from the comp…made this look real pro. Good shit dudes!



    April 3rd

    If you don’t already own Can’t Fool The Youth you’re slipping hard. A video magazine and the first of its kind in the fixed freestyle world, Zane Meyer’s project has quickly become one of the most talked about with the upcoming CFTY 2 release at this years’ Ride and Style. I know I can’t wait to peep that shit and all the hard work that has gone into it. Until you can get your grubby little hands on that peep this Steven Jensen profile from the first issue…he brings it as usual with his next level bike control. Dig this and what’s to come.


    March 19th

    The teaser for the next issue of CFTY just hit the web and you can tell this issue is going to be good. Lots of people in this one and from what I’ve seen so far lots of sick tricks. Be at Ride and Style to get the first look at this. I know I’m stoked!


    February 18th

    Zane posted up some skate stuff from this last week so I’ve been waiting for this to droppp. Looks like damn good sesh with the Us Versus Them team. Devon and Jensen kill it in here and that ending is too clutch. So funny.  JDs transfer was super sick too.


    January 25th

    Zane just upped this on facebook a bit ago. So nuts. Guessing a bar down or out of something. Want to see that clip. You know Devon was throwing downnn. Hope he’s all good!