• kris
    May 3rd

    Zach sent this one of Chris through last night and man is it sick! 29er pegless and laying it down for sure. So much good stuff in here you’ll just have to watch but that double tire tap and feeble feeble thread the needle were real sick. Congrats on repping Hold Fast for days!

    December 23rd

    This is some serious stuff right here. And by serious I mean solid dudes supporting whats right…good riding. Some really good stuff in this one from the Balhogs crew and you can tell they’re out having fun no matter what. Stoked on this dudes! Need to get me one of those grip stripsss.

    January 12th

    Chris just upped this good piece of him for All City. Some creative stuff in this bit…dig the cab onto the manny pad 180 off. Sick stuff!

    January 18th

    From the Zlog crewww. Smooth stuff.

    October 29th

    Like ive been saying…im way stoked on this project. I have a feeling this is going to blow everything out of the water for a bit. Peep the new Revival site and read up on some rider bios.


    August 25th

    Chris Clappe getting up. Bunny barsss. Zlog crew. Yes.