• kris
    November 23rd

    Chris Yang is no stranger to having his dialed Low featured in bike media yet with a chance to snap our resident blogger’s ride stateside it surely needed some more love. The night before he skipped town back to his home city of Taipei we met up for a few photos and some hangs at one of the local Sacramento spots. His set-up is just right for bringing back the tarck style in a time where criterium machines seem to rule the roost. I know I dig his build more than most and it’s well worth gettining a closer look. After you click through be sure to check his work outside of Lockedcog over on Track or Trick!


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    November 22nd

    Chris Yang returned to Sacramento this past week for a visit to old friends and some of his favorite places around town. I spent a spent a couple nights catching up on his current projects and squeezed in some photos of his primo Low build. You should expect some cool stuff from him this week after he returns to Taipei city as well as a few of his current ride from me. Here’s a teaser as I filter through last nights’s photos…more tomorrow!



    September 22nd

    Our dude Chris Yang sent through this trailer for his Trick or Track group’s upcoming film “Bombing City”. They’re taking it back to the roots of street style riding with pogos and wheelies through Taipei City, Taiwan. Seems there’s been a resurgence of cruising the city to just be out having some fun and with no complaints here! Stay tuned for the full feature to be hitting the web here soon!


    October 14th

    After watching countless edits from around the world each day I decided it was time to change up the posting a bit on here. Over the past few months I’ve reached out to a handful of people from around the world that are keen on covering all things bike in their region. In the coming weeks I’ll be introducing a few rad dudes from places like Malaysia and Taiwan who will be taking us into their scenes from time to time. Pretty excited for this and looking forward to the change some new regions will bring. First up we have the homie Chris Yang from Taipei, Taiwan.

    Chis is actually no stranger to Sacramento having stayed here for some time as an exchange student at Sac State (same!). He got in with the fellas at Pedal Hard and I think even grabbed one of the old Zombie tees we did some time ago. Now he’s back on the scene in Taipei and looking to share what’s new in his world. He sent through a few recent photos for his crew Track or Trick to get things started but he’ll be taking over Sundays on here so check back this weekend to see what else is new in Taiwan!