• kris
    March 25th

    Two super good ones with Christian Hamrick today with the first coming from the Grime dudes. A little bike check spot with a huge feeb ender and a solid breakdown of what he’s running. Dig that long line down those trippy stairs too. Flowed nicely.





    Second one is a little raw street cruising with the Ratpack. Dig the big rail hop and that tooth at the island. Lots of good stuff in this one too…hit Ratpack for more.


    November 21st

    I was talking to Christian yesterday about some business so this was rad to see this morning. Nothing out yet but for the last month or so there’s been an epic road trip being planned that he’ll be going on. Shots like this show why. Its hard to shoot a tree ride differently these days but this is it. Such a sick angle. Dig this! Wheel Talk with the delivery.

    July 30th

    Christian shot me his newest jam for Machete and its pretty slick! Lots of good tricks thrown down at a sick little park. He’s looking super smooth in this one and uses a good amount of the park which is sick to see. Dig this one dude and congrats!

    June 13th

    Saw this a couple days ago when Christian posted it up on instagram…was waiting for it to be up to check it again! Such a solid sequence for The Grime right here. Loving that red on the frame!