• kris
    March 12th

    Chrome taking the Coveted program one step further this year bringing in Death Spray Custom on the design. The ww2 inspired camo pattern is crisp yet easy on the eyes. Definitely my favorite Coveted Jersey to come out yet…click through for photos and the official PR blast before hitting Chrome for more.


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    October 22nd

    The new BLCKCHRM line from Chrome dropped today with some really good looking pieces. Something a little different than their normal offerings and all hand made up in Chico. Peep the excerpt below the hit the BLCKCHRM site for the whole run down. Things are always better when they’re made by hand by real people.


    May 7th

    Considering the torrential spring downpour we had here yesterday in Sac you can bet having a waterproof bag year round is never a bad idea. Chrome continuing their reign over rain proof bags with the Welded Transport Series. Really into that Rucksack but can definitely see a use for the little Postbag as well.



    September 24th

    This is going to poop on every FGFS video thats come out so far I’m sure. The footage I saw from this at Ride N Style was off the hook and the Grime dudes and Wheeltalk went ahead and reworked everything with some new footage. If you’re in NYC when this hits make sure you check it out. Chrome is hosting the festivities so with these three you know its going to be bananas.