• kris
    March 8th

    Though Matt’s been working with and for Chrome for some time now he officially joins the Famila team with this rad spot shot in NYC. He’s been the king of fixed freestyle for a while but I have to admit I’m digging all the track bike stuff he’s been doing lately a bit more. Solid dude on a solid crew…check more over on Chrome!



    January 5th

    Alonso has been stuck on two wheels for over a decade now and it truly shows in his drive. From putting in time on More Track Bike to being part of Chrome‘s Familia it’s no surprise he’s a force to be reckoned with. You can catch him lapping crits like Red Hook or simply check out the rad 2.5 minutes below!


    December 5th

    Chrome hit the Holiday sentiment on the head with this new bit for their Night Series. The holidays are surely a time for reflection, friends and of course the Familia. Check them as they roll their track bikes onto the streets of NYC for a night out on the town…


    November 23rd

    This most recent episode of Streets of Chrome slipped through while we were tweaking the site but it’s too good not to get up for my dude John. He’s been ripping for years and no matter what’s thrown at him you know he going to get sick with it. So stoked to see him putting  sacramento on the map and if you’ve seen this already…give it another click!


    September 6th

    After success with the Storm 415 boot and plenty of requests for an SPD version Chrome has answered the call. Designed for the daily grind of messengers this all weather work boot takes the abuse of the streets and still gets you to the bar in style. Just in time for fall and available now!



    chrome storm 415 spd

    May 9th

    Year in and out the Cinelli Chrome team is a force to be reckoned with in the track deuterium circuit. They were back in NYC vying for top spots at Red Hook Brooklyn. Here’s a peek into their journey on the east coast…




    April 29th

    Chrome spent some time with Mike Hernandez navigating the streets of NY for their most recent Streets of Chrome. From his days as a pro skateboarder to working on track bikes and fighting fires in The Big Apple this dude has just about done it all…with style.



    March 30th

    Chrome supports a diverse group of athletes bridging the gap between cycling and everything from bike messenger to pro surfers. CJ Nelson talks Chrome gear and catching waves as he makes his way from the winding roads to the salty caps of sunny Santa Cruz. If you’re not familiar with CJ and his place in surfing it would be well worth the look up as the dude is pretty inspirational…


    March 29th

    With his ties in skateboarding and cycling John is always globetrotting the world to some of the most rad places. He skipped over to the Chrome Tokyo hub a couple months back to spin records at their grand opening before taking to the streets. VHS Mag caught up with him for a quick spot on riding in Tokyo, music and what he’s got coming down the pipe…


    March 9th

    The weather’s a changin’ and Chrome is here to deliver just in time for spring. They’ve added a bunch of fresh tops, kicks and jackets just in time for the mixture of warm and wet temps ahead. Pop over for a look at the whole set of new additions…definitely digging those grey/gum Truk Pro SPDs!



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