• kris
    June 18th

    If you live in anything close to a city there’s a good chance you have a bike party group somewhere. Over the past few months a bunch of us have been heading out on the first friday of the month to sip some beers and cruise the area. In a loud massive group. Here’s a little recap from June’s BPS ride showing the insanity masking its way to a local bar. If you’re in Sacramento you should be at these…if you’re not find your own!


    June 16th

    I rarely (if ever?) get personal on here but lately I’ve been feeling pretty grateful and wanting to share. When you spend enough time in the bike industry you’re bound to grow with it so long as you stay interested and hungry. I definitely don’t pay my bills with peanuts and it’s pretty obvious that I love bikes.

    Over the past few years I’ve had the opportunity to work with some awesome cycling brands and as a result grow as a human. From working on video projects to writing event articles I’ve started to crave being creative in the industry. As opportunities come up I’m excited to see where I can go with this while painfully reminding myself that the deliveries or a classroom of snotty kids are waiting for me…the latter I’ll always try to avoid. As far as work goes here’s a few things I was stoked to do or help with recently…





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