• kris
    January 17th

    Vans and Brooks shoes

    I guess this makes sense? Brooks saddles kick ass, and vans used to kick ass. Ok i guess vans still do, i just haven’t put a pair on in a LONG time.

    Via. ZLOG

    December 17th

    fixed gear shoes

    Know Cadence commintment to only the best qaluity and desgin, im sure that these wont fall short or miss the mark at all!

    DVS is proud to announce the development of its first cycling specific skate shoe. Designed in collaboration with influential cycling brand, Cadence, the Cadence X DVS Milan CTC has several bike specific performance and durability features that have never been used on a traditional skate shoe.

    “From the beginning the goal was to create a cycling functional shoe that you can skate and walk around in all day,” says Cadence Owner Dustin Klein. “The result of our combined efforts is beyond what I had imagined.”

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    October 26th


    After choosing a top spec Figmo Stealth aluminium track frame, an all over ilovedust pattern was created and applied to both the frame and forks. Read More….

    October 22nd

    October 9th

    October 7th

    Pharrell Williams x Domeau & Peres x Brooklyn Machine Works Fixed Gear Bike

    Super weird colab with Pharrell Williams and famed furniture designers Domeau & Peres. They brought in Brooklyn Machine Works to actually make the bike. Read More….

    September 29th