• kris
    September 27th

    Colby shot me a link to this long b roll flick of Boothby he upped today. Some alternate angles, bails and funny clips this long collection of stuff that didn’t quite make the cut. Some good stuff in here for sure.



    June 26th

    Colby sent over a few exclusive shots of Boothby that Jasemine Lazo snagged while filming All Day’s recent edit they dropped. Sizing up San Juan and another look at that hop over double that wrapped up flick. Shits sick!



    June 25th

    That new Boothby flick from Colby is opened up and well worth sharing again. They went in on this one getting some rad clips here in Sac and in the Bay Still trip on that San Juan hop over at the end.



    June 24th

    Sick to finally see this one hit the web from Colby. This is months of shooting right here packaged into one of the best edits we’ve seen in some time. Got to see a lot of this go down first hand and you can bet that Josh has the skills to pay the bills. Looks like John got the exclusive on this one so make sure to hit him for the video until it goes public! The hop over double at San Juan below is some next level shit so make sure to peep this.




    June 11th

    Was pretty stoked to find out that Jakob is the newest addition to the SKYLMT crew when Colby sent this through last night. Santos is one of the biggest supporters of the scene and a real OG. Can’t wait to see what he brings to the table on that new ride.



    February 17th

    Damn. Colby sent this over early this morning with some bs about it being whatever footage. Shits actually sick. Coward/Boothby skatepark stuff with both dudes cruising fast through the park. Boothby’s tech disaster was rad and Coward’s unlucky was on point. Watch this then go ride jah bike.



    January 28th

    Stoked to get these sweet keychains yesterday from Colby and Corbin at SKYLMT. Theyve been putting in lots of work this year dropping new stuff and theres some rad things coming. A few of which youll probably see on here. The trans engraved chain is my favorite though that wood is pretty classy. Stay on SKYLMT for more.



    January 22nd

    I’m not sure how this got missed but I dont see it in any of my searches. A rewatch isn’t a problem either ha. When its these dudes going in on a video together you know its going to be good. John lives to ride and these bags are clutch. I gave em a go and they were sickkk. Peep the good vibes and a solid end to the three day weekend.

    January 12th

    I didn’t realize that I’d taken so many photos when we went out to film a couple weeks back. Most of them have Colby‘s mug in them and I think it made a few of them better. Kind of cool to see them both doing their thing. Here’s an ice and a rail hop that I liked. This is probably the last of these ha.

    December 31st

    Yesterday Boohtby and the SKYLMT dudes drove up to shoot some Sac spots. I can’t remember the last time I drove around outside the city hitting as many spots as I could before dark. Just after rolling up to Manz wall my cranks broke. Sooo I spent the rest of the day shredding the spots on my board and snapping photos. Here’s a couple wallride shots of Josh that I liked but are nothing compared to the footage you’ll have to wait for Colby to drop. You can see in the side shot that he came from behind the planter to come along the wall and drop into the transition. I have a few other shots I’ll drop this week. Ended up being a pretty damn good day checking spots that I haven’t seen for years.