• kris
    October 15th

    JBall took to the streets of Burbank for some night shred with Corey San Agustin and Cole Ruffing. You can bet on some creative use of spots and there looks to be a few good ones to play on. Digging the tire tap combos and of course DARRYL STRAWBERRY.


    January 17th

    Whoa this is some fire from Cole Ruffing. Following up his last edit this second half from 2013 has even more tech stuff in the mix. If you watch closely there a ton of creative stuff slipped in here. 180 fakie bar at 1:19, the foot jam pivots and the last 30 second are all worth a mention.



    November 16th

    If this is just part one of Cole Ruffing’s new edit the second half should be killer. Some really fucking creative stuff in this one even with a little filler. Seriously there’s some sleeper stuff in here that would be good on any bike. Tree ride  at :38 is fire, bump jump 3 tap, double peg nose bonk and 2:35 were wild. Can’t wait to see the follow up to this one.