• kris
    May 23rd

    You can do a lot on a bike be it towing a broken down truck or hitting a kicker into a tree to save a kitten. All in a days work for Mike Chacon and Erin in the final version of Leader and Vans Japan collabo flick. A good set of shots from around L.A. with a bit of humor mixed in.




    April 23rd

    When you can hook a company like Vans for a collabo you know yo’re doing something right. Leader just launched a whole campaign of rad stuff to be coming from their team up. Peep the website for the series and a cool commercial featuring Mike Chacon. More to come so keep those eyes peeled!




    March 25th

    When it come to supporting the scene I’d be hard to say that God & Famous isn’t out there soldiering on. Teaming up with the ever popular Ass Savers on this one they;re aiming to bring track photographer Connor out to NYC for Red Hook. Really dig this collabo with the Rocko’s Modern Life inspired graphics and overall clean aesthetic. These are super limited so swoop one while you can! #wesavingassoutthere



    March 19th

    Chrome and Cinelli joining forces for what will surely be on hell of a collabo. Two iconic brands of their own rights they’re definitely going to bring it on March 28th. Just in time for Red Hook….hmmm.



    March 3rd

    It’s no secret that Adidas has had a hand in urban cycling over the past few years. However, I’d go on on a limb to say this is their best attempt at making a move into the market with this super rad Bombtrack collabo. They went and did up some Divide completes with Adidas branding and custom paint to match the new Street Crew series of bags. These rides are limited to 50 pieces of awesome and can be seen at 32 Adidas locations worldwide. More on Bombtrack!



    November 26th

    The 5th Floor continues adding to their growing line of solid products with this PeonFx collab. It feel like winter just descended on us here in Nothern California the past week or so…I can hardly imagine how cold it is across the pond. The Munsun Jacket looks cozy as hell and well able to thwart off the chill. Swoop here!



    August 23rd

    Always cool to see some well done collabos and this simple take on the YNOT Bandicoot for Jakrayan are just that. Not going crazy with colorways they stuck to a simple logo on the bottom. Looks clean. More here.



    August 9th

    Rad collabo between Topo and Prolly on this relatively simple web belt. That purple pops like no other and according to John these things don’t need to be broken in and keep your britches up proper. Grab one here!



    May 8th

    Here’s a little something else that was released over the weekend. The Slurpcog collabos dropped over the weekend and made it into the store yesterday. I’ve been following Slurpcult since the beginning of The Holy Trinity so I was stoked to work on something fun with them. Everyone needs levers and buttons are just about as important to some. You can get both in the Slurpcog packs up in the store now. Stay frozennn.

    Included is:

    – 3 Slurpcog Tire Levers
    – 1 Lockedcog OG Button in the Slurpcult “Holy Trinity” Colorway
    – Some fucking metalll 


    May 2nd

    FTC always seems to get on some legit collabos when it comes to bikes. Teaming up with Durcus One series  on this one to build an H Street 24″. Limited to 50 pieces worldwide in the metallic orange color you can bet these will be swooped up pretty quickly. Hit FTC SF to get the whole scoop. The shots and editing on this promo bit by Ando are too sickkk.