• kris
    December 16th

    One thing that’s undeniable is that the Heavy Pedal crew does things proper. This bit for their Zephyr is shot well and edit together just as nicely. Was wondering what one of these would look like built up with that 1″ front end a la Cannondale Track. Definitely came out rad. More here!



    April 24th

    Bahahahaha. I don’t really know what to say about this. About as cool as you can possibly get. Japan. Skrillex. Fixed gear. Messenger. Energy drink. Being an asshole to the general population? Sign me up!

    March 20th

    For some reason or another I like posting weird stuff like this when I come across it. This seems to be a tester for a Bianchi commercial or something of the sort. Cool shots in this…dig the colors and the mellow tunes.

    January 29th

    KS always makes sure what you see is some stellar work. Editing and filming on this ad for Feiyue are really good…quality stuff right here. Never heard of Feiyue till now but after perusing their website they seem to be shelling out some pretty fresh kicks. Definitely a few pairs that I’d rock! Really dig this commercial…

    July 7th

    Well this certainly looks like it a real TV commercial. I was surprised at how well it was shot and the kid on the bike is pretty smooth too. Still super cheesy though! Haha. I mean…I always jam to my nearest Mickey D’s and show up all sweaty to meet a girl for an Oreo Cookie Mcflurry date. Oh wait…

    March 24th

    Haven’t seen this on TV but then again I dont watch TV and it might not even be on there anyway. Haha. Still a pretty cool commercial even though Im not a fan of Blackberrys.

    April 16th

    Pretty clever promo piece. I really dont know what else there is to say. Ha.

    Whats the deal with the cheeto looking things?…or are they pork rinds?

    April 15th

    These are all a bit different for some reason or another…Dubstep poster pasting for the French blog Dos Buster, an interesting folding bike and a semi-pornographic bike commercial! Wasnt going to post these individually, but together they make a nice catch. Ha.

    Read More….

    March 22nd

    This things been on ice for a bit and now its finally up to see! Shot by colin and colby of Macaframa for Leader. Spotted on twitter after Dan posted it up on DNA fixed gear.