• kris
    January 5th

    Posted up this snap of freestyle rig to the IG last week. Despite not getting to shredding it much lately this is for sure my favorite build to date! Hit Concept to peep more!



    November 5th

    Snapped my hub out riding last night so I played around with the camera a bit. Here’s my freestyle ride as it’s set up right now. Aside from the rear wheel it rides like a dream. Click through for a few more flicks and hit Concept for more info on the Assassin.

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    May 2nd

    I posted up a few camera shots of my new Concept Assassin last week until I get could it dialed to shoot some real flicks. Rolled by Pedal Hard a couple days ago to swap my pedals out to finish the build. Took the opportunity to shoot some fun photos of my bike in front of the neighboring corner store’s neon lights and signs. This is first time I’ve put straps on one of my trick bikes in yearsss but thanks to Zontrac I get the opportunity to see what’s good. I’ve pulled the right strap off to see how I like running just one. Still have to get used to it before I decide how I feel on being strapped in but I will say these Zontrac straps are damn comfy. As for the frameset I couldn’t be happier so far. Concept came with something solid (heat treated 4130) and the geo is real nice for throwing the bike around. Peep a pretty good sized gallery after the click and see more on the Concept goodies here!


    – Frame: Concept Assassin
    – Fork: Concept
    – Wheels: Eighthinch Bueller
    – Drivetrain: Eighthinch Freestyle Cranks/Chain/48 Splined Sprocket (33×12 gearing)
    – Tires: Resist (front) and Maxxis DTH (rear)
    – Bars: LDG Double Gusset
    – Stem: Eighthinch Freestyle
    – Headset: SADIO
    – Seat/Seatpost: Spike/Shadow Conspiracy Pivotal
    – Seat Clamp: Concept
    – Pedals/Straps: Odyssey/Zontrac Powerstraps 2.0 

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    April 16th

    The long awaited Concept Assassin hit North America last week and are now available online. Mine was shipped out last week and should be here any day and some flicks of the build will follow. Pretty stoked on how they came out. The Assassin is a heat treated 4130 frame and comes in two sizes at $400. Hit the Concept webstore to pick one up! For some more detailed flicks you can peep the photoset I snagged at last year’s Interbikeee.