• kris
    January 5th

    Posted up this snap of freestyle rig to the IG last week. Despite not getting to shredding it much lately this is for sure my favorite build to date! Hit Concept to peep more!



    December 19th

    Even when I’m busy with all sorts of projects I know I can always chill out for a bit on the freestyle bike. Having skate for years there will always be something about learning new tricks or just getting loose. Tsukasa from Froots is the most recent addition to the Concept fgfs team with which I also reside. A cool build video with some proper sliders and other tricks sprinkled in…dig it!


    March 17th

    Most weekends the girlfriend and I skip town to break up the monotony that is life. Made it down south with the bikes and rolled around Santa Cruz. Played in the sand a bit with my Assassin. Also caught Splash the Boardwalk mascot looking pretty fly…


    November 13th

    Just some recent clips and bits. Been having a lot of fun out looking for stuff to be weird on. Shout out to the rad dudes below for the support!


    Music: Uncle Acid & The Deatbeats – “I’ll Cut You Down”


    November 5th

    Snapped my hub out riding last night so I played around with the camera a bit. Here’s my freestyle ride as it’s set up right now. Aside from the rear wheel it rides like a dream. Click through for a few more flicks and hit Concept for more info on the Assassin.

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    October 30th

    Sick to see yet another quick edit dropping from the Concept crew today. Jess Stiff with some park and a bit of street up  north in Canada. This is the first real footage I’ve of Jeff  and the dude can ride. Dig this.



    October 30th

    Spotted this quick clip of Jacob Santos and a snappy quick clip over on Royal. Always into seeing stuff from the Concept teammates especially when its this dialed.



    October 18th

    Pretty dope shot of my fellow Concept team rider Joao in a dialed un-luce. Looks like one of the best hubbas ever too.


    July 5th

    I just got a set of these Concept Titan bars up and running on my freestyle bike. At 5.85″ ride and 29″ wide these things feel comfy on my medium Assassin. These drop in less than a month so stay on Concept to pick up a set. I’ll have a review up after I get some time in on ’em.



    June 22nd

    Jacob sent through this spring bit today with some real good clips in it. Kids got bars and threes dialed. Stoked to see him putting that Concept frame to work.