• kris
    December 15th

    It’s been some time since we’ve seen something new from Congo so this one is certainly a treat. He’s been shacked up in Arizona for the past year and stacking clips with Matt Spencer all the while. Some new stuff from him in here and an overall proper production from two of the best OG’s in the game. Feeble to fakie feeble at 1:58 was too sick…more on Wolfdrawn!


    January 30th

    JBall rolled out to sunny Arizona for a little fixed freestyle tripping recently. Rather than dropping a quick edit he went all in for a full length feature. Awesome spots and even better riding form the dudes the whole way through. Spot halfway through looks too damn fun! Check this and hit SMC for more FGFS good!



    November 1st

    Newest KVLT KLIPS form Matt over at Wolfdrawn. Entertaining as usual with clips from a few of the dudes down south. Nollie 3 at the beginning looked dialed.



    August 14th

    While down south for Summer Fix I tried to get some other random stuff to bring back like this Congo bike check. He did up his prototype Unknown frame in this rad blue shatter looking colorway. Some ‘Merica Destroy bars plus a mix of Resist and Unknown parts make this thing looks as good as it rides. Kick it with Congo on the beach for a sec and click through for a few more of his build. Shouts to Justin for putting his feet in the sand.


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    August 12th

    At this point it might be obligatory for Congo to throw a bronco at Summer Fix but with a hop like this it doesn’t matter. Blasting one over the Odyssey barrier while everyone looks on. Dipped.


    July 19th

    A few clips with Congo at the LBC skatepark from Robert Rice. Dig that 180 crook.



    July 8th

    This Wolfdrawn shot of Congo is pretty slick. An ice at one of the most famous flat bars ever and looking dialed. Pretty sure this is a screenshot so clips hopefully soon.


    February 15th

    Hell yeah. I remember saying something last week about wanting to see new stuff from Congo. Matt snagged a few good lines at the park and a few street clips. First two shots are definitely my favorite. Good stuff dudes.


    November 14th

    Matt bringing another solid edition of Kvlt Klips for us. Some good riding and a few funny bit mixed in. Feelin that feeble to bathroom break. Hard line to nail.

    November 6th

    Those two names together right there tell you this is going to be good. Congo and Matt went for it on this latest jam/Congo’s farewell to LDG. Double to double and that fast skid slider on the bank are soooo sick. Last line is some next level stuff too. So good guys. Bout to go roll around for a bit now haha.