• kris
    March 8th

    Noah sent this over form Eighthinch a couple days back and I know some of you will be into it. They’re starting up another conversion contest that could have you riding around on a bike sooner than later. All you have to do is find an old junker (or not so junker) that you want to convert and post it to their facebook wall. If they pick yours as the winner you’re getting an “Essential Kit” from them to get you on the road. More details on their blog and make sure to jump over to their Facebook to drop those photos.



    September 26th

    The homies at Eighthinch have been puching their ever clever conversion kits lately and put up this video for them during interbike. They went for the comedy route this on this one and i think it came out pretty correct. Love that 40 trade and the dumpster diving ha. Peep the flick and grab one of their conversion kits for your beater bar bike or to build something for a friend!

    September 4th

    This is a pretty nifty idea if you ask me. If you’re looking to build up a bike on the cheap as your first ride, a bike for a friend or just want something cheap to cruise the bars on this is the answer. Grab an old road bike and slap one of these Eighthinch conversion kits on there for $175. Just like that you’ll be on the road and enjoying the ride.