• kris
    January 28th

    Stoked to get these sweet keychains yesterday from Colby and Corbin at SKYLMT. Theyve been putting in lots of work this year dropping new stuff and theres some rad things coming. A few of which youll probably see on here. The trans engraved chain is my favorite though that wood is pretty classy. Stay on SKYLMT for more.



    January 23rd

    Was chillen at FTC a bit last weekend and took some shots of Corbin’s SKYLMT down in the basement. Walking down the stairs I noticed the logo on the floor matched some of his components and decided to shoot it. Naturally the parts are way too small to see in the photos (bb parts and spacers) but I rather liked the way these came out. The FTC dudes are always good to me and I was stoked to snap some flicks. No bike check on this since that’s already been posted…just some random photos.


    December 31st

    Yesterday Boohtby and the SKYLMT dudes drove up to shoot some Sac spots. I can’t remember the last time I drove around outside the city hitting as many spots as I could before dark. Just after rolling up to Manz wall my cranks broke. Sooo I spent the rest of the day shredding the spots on my board and snapping photos. Here’s a couple wallride shots of Josh that I liked but are nothing compared to the footage you’ll have to wait for Colby to drop. You can see in the side shot that he came from behind the planter to come along the wall and drop into the transition. I have a few other shots I’ll drop this week. Ended up being a pretty damn good day checking spots that I haven’t seen for years.

    June 20th

    Went riding with my buddy and part of the SKYLMT fam Corbin yesterday. For whatever reason I hadn’t thought to snag photos of his SL-1 before so I made sure to grab some flicks yesterday. This is one of the best looking FGFS frames on the market and I’ve heard nothing but good things from those who are rolling in them already. Corbin left his raw so the surface rust is looking pretty damn sick right now…same goes for them bars. A good bunch of parts on this beast makes it ride real nice. Though it’s way too small for me this SL-1 is still fun to play around on and Corbin’s all about it! There’s a slew of photos below for this bike check so make sure to peep ’em. If you want to snag one of these up there’s still a few left from the dudes so grab one before you can’t!

    Frame: SKYLMT SL-1
    Fork: Leader Reaper
    Bars: SKYLMT Skyscraper
    Stem: Solid
    Headset: Sadio
    Grips: Animal Edwin Delarosa
    Seat: Cult
    Seat post: Animal wedge pivitol
    Rims: MTX 33
    Hubs: Front Sadio Female/Rear Sadio 14mm
    Cog/Lockring: Sadio
    Sprocket: Unknown Bike Co.
    Cranks: Demolition
    Pedal: Solid
    Straps: Ynot
    Chain: Cult

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    June 23rd

    Yesterday I met up with Corbin, Colby and Glenn to get some trail riding in. We all snapped some flicks on out phones as per usual and blasted them on twitter. Was one killer ride yesterday…likely head back out there tomorrow. I tossed in a couple flicks from Colby and Glenn. Holler.

    Some paintings.



    Like um helooo I’m colbyyy. This shit had me cracking up haha.

    from @iamglenn on his instagram.

    from @colbyelrick on his twitpic.