• kris
    June 30th

    Cornfed guys are holding it down real well for the Heavy Pedal as of late. Here’s a peek at their most recent release the Microdot Kit as Scott Harris rips around Kansas City. Some cool shots and of course some pro looking riding from the dudes. More here!



    May 19th

    As if new tees form Heavy Pedal weren’t enough for your Monday here a KILLER bit featuring their Zephyr and the Cornfed dudes. Every flick from the Indianapolis crew is better than the last and this one really shows you what that frame set can do. More on the bike here and plenty more flicks to get you in the mood to ride on the Cornfed feed.



    November 21st

    Some cool stuff as usual from the Cornfed dudes. David Hoffman and Jacob Shope rocking those Heavy Pedal goods as they do their thing on the streets of Indianapolis. Dig this.



    November 16th

    This is technically a “reedit” from the Cornfed dudes. No matter…it stands alone as one hell of a video. Despite the “explosion” of fixed bikes on the world this is really where it’s at. These dudes fucking get it. Perfect for some Saturday shred…get out and ride!



    August 12th

    The Cornfed dudes can do their thing with a little more style now with some help from the Heavy Pedal. Cruising around on Friday is about as good as it gets.