• kris
    February 27th

    Crank Arm Steady keeps the rad events coming with the recent The Criterium 01 race. A solid turnout and what looks to be a really well organized event. Dig the editing on this with the mix of racing, commentary and awards. That finish line shot was a good one too. More on CAS!


    February 16th

    It looks like these Crank Arm Steady crits are only getting bigger. Big crowd, lots or riders and what I’m sure was a hell of a time. Singapore scene is still thriving!



    December 26th

    Crank Arm Steady keeping them coming with this fun P 2 P race flick from over the holiday. They describe the races as having a little twist which was in the form of an egg this time around. Cool scenery no doubt!



    December 24th

    Crank Arm Steady always holding it down with cool events like this relay race. Wish we saw more relay format races like this.






    October 28th

    Crank Arm Steady has bringing some serious races as of late. A good turnout and some solid night video of the second Holy Crit! for October. They threw one of these last month and had the same top two finishers with Faz Adhili taking first both times. Always hearing about that dude killing races out in Singapore. More stuff on the CAS blog!



    October 15th

    Crank Arm Steady just threw a solid race with their The Criterium event. Official video is in the works but here’s a little teaser from them and a recap from One Two. Looks like a solid turnout for the first major event of its kind out in Singapore. Check back for the proper edit from CAS once it drops!






    May 31st

    Sometimes it takes a bit longer to get around to things than you originally thought. That doesn’t mean putting some lost footage together into something is ever a bad idea like with this Tour of Singapore bit from CAS. Its from a couple years ago but this ride has always looked super fun cruising through Singapore. More on Crank Arm Steady.



    March 5th

    Looks like the CAS crew has been out on their bike a bunch lately. Over the past few days I’ve noticed a few track videos trickling out from them. Not so much for a stand alone post but together they should make a solid taste of fast bikes for your morning. That first one with Vira is my fav for sure…just something about cruising those turns and the editing is on point. Check ’em and hit Crank Arm Steady for moreee.







    July 25th

    Crank Arm Steady with a fun stroll through Singapore with Chas and Crihs. Looks like they decided to extend their Fixed Fest trip a little longer than most which I’m sure was sick. Been wanting to hit Singapore for some time now so this looks mad fun!

    Chas & Crihs are in town from Crank Arm Steady on Vimeo.

    July 10th

    Crank Arm Steady bringing us some cool alleycat coverage of their first alleycat. These guys are known to put on sick events so I bet this was a fun one! I think its about time to have another race here in Sac…