• kris
    June 28th

    Oh my. We used to have a critical mass here in Sac…but nothing like any of this ever happened. Probably why people stopped heading out haha. Seriously though, Bike Blog NYC just retweeted this bad boy from Dedicated Lane and it’ll definitely catch your attention. The police reactions to bikes in New York are just amazing sometimes. I’d be pretty stoked to see this documentary come together…donate some cash to their Kickstarter to help…

    June 29th

    This may not wow you or even keep your attention but its neat none the less. 500 deep in London for critical mass. Looks like a jolly good time and seemed to be relatively mellow…only one arrest and a few spills. Not bad for such a massive group. If you happen to be over yonder and want to get in on next months festivities check Critical Mass London for info. This is definitely on my list of “find some means…any means…to get there and be on a bike” list. Ha.

    February 9th

    The peeps at The Foot Down decided to take matters into their own hands after having some issues with their local critical mass. Apparently the originators were more keen on bike trails a smooth strolls, both of which are fine by me depending on the situation. I get the slow pace, any critical mass Ive been to has been relatively sluggish as per the mood of the ride. Not really understanding how you could have a critical mass on bike paths…

    Sounds like TFD branched off into their own group ride after rousing some people, susequently holding the first Critical Mess. I liked name and the photos below…hence the long explanation above. More on The Foot Down and their flickr.

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    January 25th

    critical mass orlando

    From the 407.

    November 4th


    This is a bit about critical mass in orlando.

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