• kris
    August 3rd

    Looks like this one slipped through quite a few places but it definitely should go up. I remember being pretty stoked when I saw that Soundtrack was having a custom frame built for them by Clande. Looks like Thibs got to be the one to ride the beast and they dropped us this bike check to show us what’s up. This frame reminds me a few designs that were floating around during the creation of the first fixed freestyle specific frames. Also has a similar look to the Starfucker and SE Quadangle at the downtube. Pretty unique design none the less so its sick to see!

    September 15th

    My buddy Alex sent this out yesterday. Since he didn’t give me the exclusive like he should have I waited to post it. Kidding kidding…been sick so sleep happened right after work. Anywho, I rode this beast last weekend on our SF trip and it feel so soooo solid. No pun intended. He was riding pretty hard on it all weekend and it seemed to be holding up just fine. Solid isn’t going to be making anymore of these frames. It isn’t a prototype but actually a one off for Alex. A damn good one.

    Tons of flicks and specs below!

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