• kris
    August 11th

    When it comes to bike adventures the Cycle Me Home crew are more seasoned than most. After an epic trip through Transylvania last year they’re just about ready to share their trip with the world. With music sampled from local musicians and more plenty of great visuals this is one not to miss. Check back for the full version and hit CMH in the meantime!



    May 27th

    The Cycle Me Home crew just released their soft goods for the summer and there’s definitely some good pieces in the mix. Plenty of tees just in time for the warmer months plus a couple of cool jersey inspired bits for a bit of style. Hop over to check the whole line!


    January 30th

    I’ve been a long time fan of the Cycle Me Home project and their global two wheeled travels. This deleted scene comes from their most recent trek to Transylvania for an experience they’ll not soon forget.  Dig that these dudes keep things fun and are out doing their thing. Peep this and stay tuned for the full bit here soon!




    September 24th

    I’ve been waiting for this to drop from Cycle Me Home for some time. Feel Free is definitely one of the best projects I’ve seen in a while and these dudes really went in on it. Most people don’t get the opportunity to go on epic trips like this so thankfully CMH does it right and documented the whole shebang. Riding, meeting new people, gold sprints, Eurobike, meeting new people, bike shops, art shows and of course…meeting new people. This looks the a European trip of a fucking lifetime.


    Before you click the video note that it is 45 MINUTES LONG. Its a movie. Not an edit. It’s pretty awesome. Enjoy.




    August 27th

    With Interbike just a few weeks away you can bet a lot of people are getting stoked for the good times and bike nerd out ahead. Eurobike is probably no different and in a few weeks we’ll have look at the insanity from Cycle Me Home’s trip last year. Judging by this teaser they went in and did it right.






    July 16th

    Pretty epic travels here from the Cycle Me Home crew as they toured showing off their film over the last year. There’s no doubt that when you’re traveling on your bike you’re going to end up in some memorable situations. Add Europe and a camera in your hand to leave you with this. Can’t wait to see the whole flick…this kind of stuff just gets me.



    March 9th

    As I was posting Torey’s piece a second ago I was thinking about other things I may have forgotten to post with the NAHBS takeover. A little light turned on and I realized I had gotten an email from Cycle Me Home a few days back. Since it’s friday why the hell not clean up the week with some sick videos that sh0ould have gone up here! The trailer for Cycle Me Home’s awesome journey from Madrid to Budapest is coming out this April and man does it look amazing. Seriously some inspiring stuff in the way of cycling and doing things you’ve never done. Can’t wait for this to come out!