• kris
    January 9th

    Was watching some old freestyle flicks earlier and this one came out. Still gold in here from the Destroy dudes a few years back. Brutal bails in the first half alone make it worth watching again.



    February 20th

    My name is Alex-Gnarlos-Carlos whateverthefuck, and for some reason Kris gave me the keys to drive this bloggy so I’m going to be picking my brain of all the old nostalgic things that I love about this “sport”. These bikes have really come a long way since 23c’s, barspin clearance and Sugino cranks, so I’m going to be working my way back in time and displaying whatever is currently on my mind.


    Daniel really has some insane talent, bike control and diversity. He’s also been pedaling nonstop since the early Trick Track days and happens to be a fellow team rider. He’s one of those guys who can throw a pedal 180 followed by a switch pedal and you couldn’t tell the difference. It’s rare to find a pegless rider with the same mentality of one running pegs.
    This edit may be only about a year old but already falls into the timeless category because of the level of skill shown in merely a minute.
    Don’t beleeb me juh watch.

    And obviously, DESTROY BIKES don’t fuck around.