• kris
    October 22nd

    This might only be for the peeps out in Taiwan but a video contest is sick regardless of where its at. The Taiwan Mishka DART team is putting this bad boy together and lucky for us there’s there a few things to check at the end. Chromed out bikes are still looking fresh in my eyes. Let’s get an American company to get something like this going!

    September 2nd

    Just checked the Mishka Fall lookbook and there’s a ton of good shit in there! Really liking the little Keep Watch character that’s been in the last two seasons. This time he’s dropped the bat for a different piece of wood. Gotta’ love that new Prolls inspired Vyking tee. Pretty fresh. I have a feeling there will be a D.A.R.T. lookbook and more threads to come so I’s stay on the lookout for that. Hit the store for the first drop of Fall and roll back for the rest as it drops!

    July 19th

    Meant to get this up yesterday! John had liked it on Vimeo and I was stoked to see some Mishka business coming from Taiwan! DART crew holding it down.

    April 25th

    Johnny boy shot this lookbook a bit ago for Mishka’s D.A.R.T. line and I’ve been meaning to get it out there. Looks like a fun shoot down in Tejas.